HR Surveyors have been in operation since 2012 and prides itself on building long term working relationships with our clients. Our aim is to deliver exceptional customer service in line with the demand of the construction industry whilst paying attention to detail and delivering accurate survey for our clients. Our staff are highly diverse and more than qualified in the Construction industry to take on any project, large or small. This sets us aside from other Survey company’s as Engineering Construction projects are our focus.

Building and Construction

From our vast experience in the building and construction sector we provide high precision surveys for apartment buildings, high rise buildings, schools and residential builds. We understand each project is different, so we pride ourselves on the ability to adapt to each client’s needs. From the initial site datum set up to the final as-constructed surveys, we provide our clients with the confidence they require to complete the build on time and within budget.

Civil Construction

Whether it be a road upgrade, sub-division, bridge, major pipeline or a rail project, HR Surveyors have the experience to cater for your civil construction project. Setting up control networks, onsite set out and pickups, volume calculations, 3D models for projects and final as-builts are all a part of the service. We provide an excellent service that you can rely on. We can provide a team of surveyors to manage a project, or just a once off visit to set up a project, the same high-quality service is provided.


Working on some of Australia’s biggest infrastructure projects over the years, we have the right procedures set up to run your major project. From submitting
conformance reports to RFI and data management, we know the importance of keeping up to date records to be able to not only run but to also hand over a successful project on time. We have highly skilled surveyors who you can rely on to give the right advice.

Feature and Level

A feature and level survey is an important part of planning any development project. Whether it is for a new building, sub-division or a major construction project, a proper feature and level survey establishes the gateway for a correct design prior to any construction. Establishing accurate survey control to a local datum or MGA/AHD at the start of any project allows for continuity and standards for each aspect of any development.

Point Clouds

Scanning technologies are constantly developing throughout the survey world, and HR Surveyors are always striving to keep up to date in providing the best survey solutions for our clients. Utilising all aspects of 3D scanning and software we can provide the correct solution that best suits your project and budget. We are able to export point clouds, as well as compute accurate files for your project which are all accessible through a client login section on our website.

Specification Surveys (A-SPEC)

At the completion of new infrastructure works, Councils now require A-Spec surveys. The A-Spec is made up from a series of separate infrastructure specifications including but not limited to D-Spec (Drainage), R-Spec (Roads) and O-Spec (Open space) data. HR Surveyors have the knowledge and capabilities to produce the correct GIS as-constructed data for all A-Spec surveys.




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Aerial Imagery

The Drone survey is an accurate and safe way to provide high quality aerial mapping imagery for numerous purposes and industries. HR Surveyors can produce fly overs of pre/post construction images and videos, capturing project sites to calculate stockpile volumes and process the data, to ensure our clients have full access to a working 3D digital terrain model.

3D Laser Scanning

HR Surveyors can provide complete workable 3D laser scans in the appropriate format required for architects, designers, and engineers. A laser scan is a safe and cost-effective way of collecting an extensive amount of data without the need for extra survey. Once a full scan of an area is complete, all the data is available, and clients gain access to any information needed to apply to your project.

3D Models and Designs

With our extensive knowledge in 3D modelling, we are able to create finished surface files to suit any project. Whether it is converting different machine control files, creating full working DTM (digital terrain model) design files or 3D drainage system modelling, we have the knowledge to cater for our clients’ needs. We are also able to assist in the design process, creating construction drawings and 3D models for your project.

GPS and Survey Equipment Hire

HR Surveyors can provide GPS and Total Station hire for short- or long-term projects and provide office and onsite support for all hire equipment. Whether you require a Base and Rover kit to run Graders and Excavators for a road reconstruction project, a network rover to check levels on a landscape job or require the higher accuracy of a total station for set out works, HR Surveyors are here to give you the right advice.


We are a committed team, driven to providing excellence each and every time. Our clients take confidence in our proven track record of delivering some of Australia’s most iconic projects. We work together with energy and honesty. The professional relationships we establish are key to the successful delivery
of each project.